Meet our team of website and software developers


A perfect mix of analytical and creative talent


Founder and CEO

Mahendra founded Advance Analytics Technologies (AAT) after a number of years working in IT. In 2016, he established AAT New Zealand. Mahendra is a skilled software engineer and passionate about helping businesses achieve their objectives through technology.

Latika Bisht

UI/UX Developer

Latika joined the team in 2016. She is a complete UI/UX Developer. She is specialized in developing Static and Dynamic websites using PHP, WordPress and Drupal. She also has experience in Slicing PSD to HTML/CSS or PSD to Twitter Bootstrap 3 for responsive website.

Andrew Healey

Creative Copywriter

Andrew is an experienced copywriter with a background in sales and marketing. He specialises in online content, such as website pages and blog posts, and has knowledge in SEO and social media.


A Thinker

Whether it is thinking about the right color or right design, komal is our thinking person. Has over 17 years in Graphic Design and loves colors! No one knows colours better than her. Once you have spoken to Komal, her mission is to start building your dream project. Komal ensures the entire project is completed within agreed timelines and with accuracy.


Meet our planner

Planning comes to her naturally. As a mother of 2 kids and running 2 businesses success wouldn't come if planning isn’t accurate. Jaimini has enough energy and enthusiasm that can take us through the entire week. Coming from a finance background and more recently working as a Marketing Delivery manager, Jaimini is our Go To person for all the strategies and Deliveries.

Varun Shetty

Media Specialist

I’m a passionate media specialist with digital marketing skill. Throughout my career I have contributed positive business results through organisational projects. My strengths are SEO, Analytics and Graphic Designing. Further, my collaboration, critical thinking and innovation abilities will support your continued organizational efforts.